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Prevent a WikiLeaks Breach From Your Enterprise

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 01-06-2011 Print
Now that WikiLeaks is expanding to corporations, every Global 2000 company needs to know how to prevent a WikiLeaks mega leak. To reduce the chances of a WikiLeaks mega leak, Knowledge Center contributor Jim Zierick explains here how to reduce the number of employees who have access to large volumes of confidential data.

A few years ago, you may have been reading about the economic collapse with passing interest. At the time, it was an issue with the financial institutions that were passing out high-risk loans. Then it was the credit agencies, then the homeowners and, eventually, everyone. For many, it didn't really hit home until your home, job or salary was lost. It just seemed so far away, and we didn't see the train headed straight for us.

Now, another train is coming and I'm telling you right now, it's headed in your direction. WikiLeaks has brought new meaning to the concept of insider threat by providing a convenient vehicle to empower staff to quickly and instantly hand over privileged information. According to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, half of their leaks are on private companies and a major American bank is the next to be exposed in early 2011.

Whether you support or condemn Julian's actions and the WikiLeaks phenomenon, the important thing is, your company could be next. Given the volume of leaks WikiLeaks has on private companies, if you work for a Global 2000 corporation, there's a good chance WikiLeaks already has some dirt.


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