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IBM Offers Security Services for Cloud Environments

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 10-22-2010 Print
IBM offers several hosted security products to enable data integrity, recovery, privacy, and customer isolation in a cloud environment.

IBM unveiled a series of security products and services for customers struggling with cloud security planning and management. The security tools include the rather awkwardly-named IBM Managed Security Services Hosted Security Event and Log Management and the scanning service IBM Managed Security Services Hosted Vulnerability Management. IBM's security consulting services will also help organizations with security planning by creating a roadmap, performing an assessment, and identifying application security needs.

The company's incident and event management tool moves to the cloud via the new IBM Managed Security Services Hosted Security Event and Log Management solution This enhanced offering consolidates the security event and log data of all operating systems, applications and infrastructure equipment into a single location for IT managers to assess and respond to real-time and historical traffic. Organizations can also outsource these tasks to IBMÂ's Security Operation Centers, the company said.

The scanning service, IBM Managed Security Services Hosted Vulnerability Management, checks all packets going in and out of network devices, servers, Web applications, and databases.

IBM Security Virtual Server Protection for VMware integrates what a company spokesman calls introspection monitoring. It's essentially a virtual doorman that scans all traffic outside the virtual machine to detect potential malware attacks, and the operating system inside to confirm it is running properly. The protection checks whether any malicious code is running, such as root-kits. As this is tied to the hypervisor and protects the virtual machines from the ground up, this is available only for VMware hypervisors, according to the IBM spokesman. The virtual doorman hooks into the security APIs available with the yet-to-be-released VMware Fusion 4. IBM is exploring adding other hypervisor support.

For more, read the eWeek article IBM Introduces Security Services to Protect Cloud Environments.


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