IT Budgets, Salaries Rising

Funding for IT budgets - including allocations for salary increases - will go up next year, but cost cutting is still a major concern. Business intelligence - despite its expense and effort - continues to be a No. 1 technology investment priority in 2010.
Management is budgeting for raises next year, according to annual data compiled by SIM (Society for Information Management), which surveyed more than 172 companies. These raises, however, come with an expectation for technology to be a strategic cost-cutting and simultaneous revenue-producing investment. Business intelligence - despite its expense and effort - continues to be the No. 1 technology investment of 2010.

In exact terms, 61 percent of executives say they plan to give technology worker salaries a boost in 2011. Only a third of employers say they will keep salaries flat. The silver lining? Less than 10 percent say they will reduce salaries next year.

Business productivity, coupled with cost reduction, is the greatest area of concern for CIOs and other senior IT executives surveyed. Other major concerns include:

  • speed to market;
  • business agility;
  • business and IT alignment;
  • the reliability and efficiency of IT practices.

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This article was originally published on 09-30-2010
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