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Intel to Make Mini-SSDs for Tablets, Laptops

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 12-30-2010 Print
The 310 Series drives are about one-eighth the size of a standard Intel X25 NAND flash SSD, yet they can hold up to 80GB of data.

Intel on Dec. 29 launched a new set of mini-sized solid-state drives for dual-drive notebooks, tablet PCs and enbedded applications that the company claims provide performance as high as its larger SSDs.

The 310 Series drives are sized at a mere 51mm-by-30mm and 5mm thick, about one-eighth the size of a current Intel 2.5-inch X25 flash SSD, yet they can hold up to 80GB of data.

The new drives contain 34-nanometer Intel NAND flash memory chips and are available in an m-SATA form factor in 40GB and 80GB capacities. The 310 Series also support SATA connectivity over a PCI Express (PCIe) mini-connector for on-board storage in single-drive netbooks, tablets or handheld devices.

For more, read the eWeek article: Intel Unveils New Line of Mini-SSDs for Laptops, Tablets.


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