LinkedIn Launches Social News Network for Professionals

LinkedIn Today aggregates news stories shared by LinkedIn members and Twitter users.

Seizing on the idea that professionals want to keep abreast of news in their businesses, LinkedIn March 10 launched a social news service that funnels relevant news users are sharing via the professional social network and Twitter.

LinkedIn Today aggregates news shared by LinkedIn members' colleagues and other connections, top stories from a certain industry or field in which a member works or has indicated interest, and finally, trending news across several market sectors.

The move comes six weeks after LinkedIn filed for an initial public offering, aimed at raising at least $175 million in stock.

LinkedIn, which has 90 million users, makes money from advertising, premium subscriptions and software services professional recruiters use to hire new employees. LinkedIn Today is designed to boost user engagement, ensuring more ads are surfaced in front of the site's users.

LinkedIn Today's recommendation algorithm gleans content from user profiles, as well as what connections users are following. The news stories are rendered on LinkedIn users' front page, similar to the way news content appears on Yahoo and other news portals.

This article was originally published on 03-11-2011
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