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Net Neutrality, Smartphones: Hot Topics for CIOs

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 08-16-2010 Print
Google and Verizon are in on a net neutrality pact that could scare some CIOs. Plus, BlackBerry is offering the Torch, and Windows Phone 7 has the enterprise in its sights.

As the world's largest search company, most observers expect Google to protect the interests of Web users and small sites. But last week, the company came under fire for a net neutrality proposal that critics say gives undue power to big firms, and leaves Web users and small online services out of the mix. It's worth noting that Google's proposal is in no way the new "law of the land" on the Internet, but it could have a direct impact on the way that CIOs run their operations in the coming years.

For example, it is possible that if the FCC follows Google's proposals, certain services would get preferential treatment online. A proverbial "toll road," would be erected which allows ISPs to institute tiered pricing based on quality of service. This would directly influence how companies access the growing number of online tools that are quickly becoming essential to their day-to-day business operations.


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