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Microsoft Teams Up With Nokia on 'Global Mobile Ecosystem'

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 02-11-2011 Print
Nokia and Microsoft plan to form a "new global mobile ecosystem" that will include running Windows Phone 7 on Nokia smartphones.

Nokia and Microsoft officials hope that by combining forces, they can become significant players in a lucrative and highly competitive smartphone market in which each has struggled while rivals Google and Apple have flourished.

At a joint press conference in London Feb. 11, Nokia and Microsoft announced plans to form a strategic partnership that will include running Windows Phone 7 on Nokia mobile smartphones rather than Symbian or MeeGo, bringing together their respective strengths to create a new "global mobile ecosystem."

In addition, they plan to create what officials said are calling new service offerings.

Together, Nokia and Microsoft, Elop said at the event, "have the opportunity to disrupt the current trajectory in the battle of ecosystems. We have a formidable plan to ensure our collective leadership in the smartphone market and in the ecosystem that surrounds it. Our long-term strategic alliance will build a global ecosystem that creates opportunities beyond anything that currently exists."


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