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Oracle Releases Supply Chain Analytics Application for Health Care

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 02-15-2011 Print
Oracle's new analytics application aims to transform supply chain costs for the health care industry.

Oracle has introduced a new addition to its business intelligence software suite for health care. Called OPSCA (Oracle Healthcare Provider Supply Chain Analytics), the application will enable health care organizations to manage their supply chain and reduce costs, the company reports.

Part of the Oracle Enterprise Healthcare Analytics suite, OPSCA allows health care companies to control procurement as well as sourcing and supplier contracts. With the analytics capabilities of OPSCA, Oracle aims to add transparency to a health care organization's supply chain transactions. The software provides a complete view of expenditures to allow companies to identify areas in which to trim costs.

The application features prebuilt dashboards and predefined analysis engines to allow health care executives to avoid extra coding or configuration when managing their supply chain.

Transforming health care supply costs is a key benefit of the OPSCA software, according to Neil de Crescenzo, senior vice president and general manager for Oracle Health Sciences.

"With supply costs running as high as 45 percent of a health system's total operating expense, supply chain processes offer a rich target for transformation," de Crescenzo, senior vice president and general manager for Oracle Health Sciences, said in a statement.


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