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iPads, iPhones for Business: Try the Cloud

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 11-03-2010 Print
Little-known Oxygen Cloud, a beta-level online service, has begun providing support for large-scale enterprise migration to private storage clouds.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- If you and your company are interested in using iPads and iPhones instead of BlackBerrys or other devices on an enterprise network, read on.

Little-known Oxygen Cloud, a beta-level online service that connects people, data and their devices within a company to a single virtual file system, announced Nov. 3 that it will begin providing similar support for large-scale enterprise migration to private storage clouds. The announcement was made at the Cloud Expo 2010 here at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

That support includes users who prefer to deploy their personal devices for business -- and those can include the iPad and iPhone.

Oxygen Cloud provides native desktop access to data stored in public and private clouds and makes cloud storage directly available to business users. The Newark, Calif.-based company has been focusing on small and medium-size enterprises.

Oxygen Cloud also enables an enterprise to mix and match files and data from multiple public clouds, as well as setting up its own private cloud to meet specific business requirements, such as security, reliability, geography, performance and cost.

Enterprise users currently can choose from such public cloud storage providers as Amazon, Cloud Leverage, Rackspace, Iron Mountain and Nirvanix.

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