Fake Antivirus Pages Found in Poisoned iCloud Search Results

Beware. Searching for "iCloud" could direct you to a fake Windows antivirus trap set by scammers.

Businesses and analysts aren' t the only ones interested in Apple s upcoming iCloud service. Scammers are moving in on the action to deliver fake antivirus software.

Cyber-criminals have already used black-hat search engine optimization techniques to poison search results for the " iCloud" keyword, Paul Pajares, a fraud analyst with Trend Micro wrote June 20 on the Malware Blog from TrendLabs.

Several of the malicious URLs appeared to have been tied to MyMobi, a news site that covers new gadgets, Pajares said. There have also been several pages with file names containing "apple" and "icloud" on compromised sites, suggesting a coordinated mass attack using those keywords."

Even though the pages have since been cleaned up, there's no guarantee that the cyber-criminals won t re-compromise MyMobi again or find other sites to exploit. Along with the keyword "cloud," scammers have also used "what is apple icloud" and "what is icloud apple," according to Pajares.

"Because we realize the possibility that users might search for information about iCloud, we are currently monitoring possibly new FAKEAV URLs with the TLD co.cc using the keyword icloud, " Pajares said.

This article was originally published on 06-21-2011
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