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SAP Will Acquire Enterprise Security Software From Swiss Firm SECUDE

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 01-12-2011 Print
SAP is planning to buy secure login and single sign-on products to expand its identity management offerings.

SAP announced today it will acquire a chunk of SECUDE's security business in order to bolster its identity management capabilities.

The deal, made for an undisclosed sum, brings the security software, identity and access management softwareand other related assets of SECUDE into the SAP portfolio. In particular, the deal is focused on SECUDE's Secure Login and Enterprise Single Sign-On products.

According to SAP, the acquisition of the technology is meant to underline its commitment to investing in security.

"We are very pleased that, in closing this transaction, SAP is not only in a position to satisfy our customers' security requirements, but also to expand the SAP NetWeaver Identity Management component to include Secure Login Server and Enterprise Single Sign-On," said Björn Goerke, senior vice president of the Technology and Innovation Platform Core at SAP, in a statement.

For more, read the eWeek article: SAP to Acquire Security Software From SECUDE.


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