Windows 7 Earns Enterprise Praise

Windows 7 is being favorably rated by businesses more than a year after the operating system's release, according to a new analyst report.

Microsoft's Windows 7 is earning positive reviews from enterprise workers, according to a survey conducted by research firm ITIC and analyst Roger Kay of EndPoint Technologies. Employees at more than 400 companies were polled about their Windows 7 experiences. Some 73 percent of respondents rate Windows 7 as "excellent," "very good," or "good." Around 3 percent call the operating system "poor" or "unsatisfactory."

According to ITIC analyst Laura DiDio's Nov. 10 research note, that number is "very close to the 80 percent majority of beta and early adopters who gave Windows 7 the same high marks in the 2009 survey."

Some 72 percent of respondents either plan to deploy Windows 7 or have done so already. Another 7 percent say it is "unlikely" they would upgrade to the operating system. The remaining 21 percent indicate that "lack of funds" has led to "no definitive plans" to upgrade to Windows 7 over the next 12 months.

By comparison, some 90 percent of respondents have Windows XP present in some capacity. And Apple has a significant presence in enterprise IT infrastructure, as well

"According to our poll, Macs are present in 28 percent of networks, which is over three times more than the two most popular Linux and open source operating system distributions," DiDio writes. Nine percent of respondents use Red Hat Linux and Ubuntu.

According to analytics firm Net Applications, Windows 7 currently occupies some 17.10 percent of the OS market, behind Windows XP at 60.03 percent and ahead of Windows Vista at 13.35 percent. However, the rise in both cloud computing and mobile devices -- including tablets and smartphones -- threatens to challenge the PC operating system's lock as the primary IT user-interface for businesses and consumers.

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This article was originally published on 11-11-2010
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