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We idolize athletes who can chuck that game-ending TD pass, hit the three-pointer to force overtime or strike out the opposing side in the ninth inning. There is a consistent quality among the winners who routinely perform such feats; a type of "clutch" mindset that can benefit any CIO. We're talking about intellectual strength, emotional resolve and work ethic, according to Paul Sullivan, author of the upcoming book "Clutch: Why Some People Excel Under Pressure and Others Don't" (Portfolio/September 2, 2010). With a rich retelling of classic "clutch" performances in sports and corporate American history, Sullivan uncovers the shared characteristics of those who have achieved milestones on the field and in the boardroom. He provides a blueprint for CIOs and other top executives to evaluate and cultivate their own abilities and successfully face day-to-day challenges. The secret, he writes, is that clutch performers behave no differently in high-stress circumstances than they do in ordinary situations.


Joe Montana engineered countless, last-minute comebacks with calm-under-pressure, "ice water in the veins" resolve. CIOs need the same qualities.

This article was originally published on 08-11-2010
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