10 Rules for Corporate

How do you get from here to there?


Cairncross' 10 Rules for Corporate Survival

MANAGE KNOWLEDGE A company is the sum of what its people understand and do well.

MAKE DECISIONS Good judgment will remain a key skill.

FOCUS ON KEY CUSTOMERS Customers matter, but some matter more than others.

MANAGE TALENT Like its customers, some of a company's people matter more than others.

MANAGE COLLABORATION Technology will make it easier and easier for people to work with anyone, anywhere.

BUILD THE RIGHT STRUCTURE As costs of handling information in a company decline, new opportunities open for redefining the corporate shape.

MANAGE COMMUNICATIONS Given the pace of change, this is critical.

SET STANDARDS Ironically, Internet technologies—tools of freedom and decentralization— call for discipline, protocols and standard processes.

FOSTER OPENNESS Once standards have been set, freedom and openness should reign.

DEVELOP LEADERSHIP Without the right organizational structure, culture and staff, a company will not fully benefit from even the most sophisticated technology.

This article was originally published on 01-01-2002
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