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By CIOinsight  |  Posted 01-28-2003 Print

Looking for a book to help get your IT shop better aligned with the business? Or maybe you want to brush up on your management skills? Here's a list of books that can help.


The Naked Employee: How Technology is Compromising Workplace Privacy By Frederick S. Lane III
Amacom Books, April 2003
304 pages, $24.95

No one doubts that technology is being used more and more to keep an eye on employees, from monitoring their phone calls and e-mails to timing how long it takes them to go to the bathroom. And there's even less doubt about attorney and author Lane's position on this: He's against it. But the real value of this book is twofold. Unintentionally, it provides a detailed list of ways you can keep an eye on your employees. Perhaps more important, it raises this issue: If you feel the need to watch your employees this closely, maybe you shouldn't have hired them in the first place. This book might get you to rethink your hiring practices.

The E-Privacy Imperative: Protect Your Customers' Internet Privacy and Ensure Your Company's Survival in the Electronic Age
By Mark S. Merkow and James Breithaupt
Anacom, 2001
320 pages, $34.95

Merkow, a well-known e-commerce security specialist, and his collaborator offer advice on how to protect your Web site and your customers through careful technology practices and responsible handling of information. CIOs will be especially interested in sections identifying the major threats to privacy, and on how to communicate security and privacy policies to employees and customers.


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