Conclusion 02

Conclusion 02: Disappointment With Tech Tools

IT departments are actively involved in supporting business process change, and IT execs believe business users like the job IT is doing. But IT execs take a more critical view of the technologies they're using to support business processes. While enterprise application integration tools are proving somewhat useful, others provide little value or aren't being used at all. That suggests that the greatest value IT provides may be in advising departments rather than installing technology.

Seventy-six percent of IT execs believe top business unit managers are satisfied with IT's work in supporting business processes. But IT is harder on itself, with only 62% satisfied with the job IT is doing.

Enterprise Application Integration tools (44%), enterprise applications (44%), collaboration software (41%) and two new technologies—XML and Web services (41%)—are the most frequently rated as being used and providing value. In a separate question, 55% of IT execs said ERP systems are clearly improving their company's ability to support business processes.

Workflow systems get little respect, according to 26% of survey respondents. Just 21% say they are providing great value.

When it comes to managing and organizing business processes, business units and IT work as partners at 57% of respondents' firms, and the business units go it alone at 39%. IT is involved in supporting business processes at individual departments, ranging from 53% for marketing departments to 84% for customer service.

This article was originally published on 08-13-2002
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