Getting more value out of information is a top priority. Last year's survey found that architecture and infrastructure were top priorities for CIOs, a trend that continues even though architecture moved from fifth to 11th place in our list of top CIO responsibilities.

What's driving that, apparently, is not just the need to improve business processes, but the desire to make better use of information-the third-highest business priority in this year's survey.

That's also made data quality an important technical issue. Reducing costs continues to be a lower priority than it was two years ago, consistent with the optimism CIOs expressed about the economy in last month's spending survey.

Alignment remains No. 1, but it's falling: a sign that IT has gotten better at staying in sync with business needs?

CIOs like their work, but that's not stopping them from looking for a new job.

This article was originally published on 04-06-2006
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