For the past few years, pundits have talked about customer-relationship management as the killer app of the Internet era. At the same time, some analysts see CRM as an expensive Swiss Army knife: In trying to be all things to all people, it fails to perform any core function well enough to justify its high cost and implementation difficulties. The CIO Insight survey of 434 CIOs and top IT strategists suggests that even as strategic expectations for CRM systems grow, satisfaction remains a concern.

CIOs now in the process of deploying new CRM systems want those systems to accomplish more strategic goals,even in light of the more complex technological and business environments into which they 're being deployed, compared with completed CRM installations.

The survey also points out that, compared with CRM systems already deployed and now in maintenance mode,new CRM projects are more costly, more time-and resource-consuming,and more likely to run into technical,financial and organizational hurdles.—Mike Perkowski

This article was originally published on 07-01-2001
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