Conclusion 05

Conclusion 05

Despite the significant commitment in money, time and resources to making CRM work, CIOs are only mildly satisfied with both their CRM projects and their vendors. It is somewhat comforting—if unsurprising—to note that CIOs whose CRM projects are now in the maintenance phase are more satisfied than those still in the implementation stage.

On a 1-to-5 escalating scale of satisfaction, CIOs put their satisfaction with their company 's CRM projects at 3.4. Fifty-two percent of all respondents rated their satisfaction level at either somewhat or very satisfied on that 5-point scale, while 55 percent of large-company CIOs reported that they were somewhat or very satisfied.

Vendor-satisfaction scores were a little bit better: The average score was 3.5,with almost identical scores for large and small companies.

Among CIOs who have completed implementation, the mean score rose to 3.6, while that number stood at 3.5 among those not yet finished. The respective scores for vendor satisfaction: 3.4 and 3.5.

This article was originally published on 07-01-2001
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