Conclusion 02

Conclusion 02

The great majority of our respondents see their disaster recovery efforts as being focused primarily on their IT departments. IT people are in the lead in sponsoring and managing their DR plans, and relatively few companies involve line-of-business staff and partners in designing and testing such plans at all.

Not surprisingly, the person most frequently cited as being responsible for the management of a disaster recovery plan is the company's CIO or another IT manager, at 74 percent. The CEO and "another senior vice president" were each mentioned by less than 7 percent of those responding, with such roles as the chief operating officer and the chief financial officer trailing behind. When asked about the executive sponsor of the DR program, nearly 61 percent cited the CIO alone, with 14 percent pointing to the CEO.

When it comes to testing Disaster recovery plans, fully 91 percent involve IT employees. But 42 percent involve line-of-business staff, and only 34 percent or less involve anyone outside the company, such as outsourcing partners or key customers.

In 27 percent of the cases, non-IT managers aren't even involved in disaster recovery processes.

This article was originally published on 10-01-2001
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