Are New Technologies Adding

Business Value?">
  • 73% of CIOs say their companies are highly innovative
  • 65% agree that the current economic climate is slowing technology adoption
  • 41% of technologies under evaluation go on to be adopted
  • 53% of companies get business executives involved in technology adoption
  • 40% say their primary goal in adopting new technologies is cutting costs

CIOs take pride in their willingness to investigate and deploy new technologies. More than 20 percent of the more than 500 technology executives who responded to our technology adoption survey characterized their companies as "early adopters," and a surprising three quarters called their companies "innovative." But times are tough: IT executives concede that the slow economy has had an adverse effect on their efforts to adopt new technology, and most of them say their primary goal in deploying new systems these days is to save money. Still, adopting new technologies remains critical to meeting strategic goals, and the companies that say they're good at it devote a larger part of their IT budgets to investigating new technologies, and are significantly more likely to involve business executives in the process, than those that admit to being less successful. Expensive as the process can be, it's clearly worth the effort.

This article was originally published on 06-16-2003
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