Conclusion 01

Conclusion 01: Initiators

IT executives were by far the most frequent initiators of KM systems, and the IT department was the group most frequently cited as managing KM projects. But the least resistance to KM came when a senior executive, such as the CEO or CIO, was the project's initiator; business unit heads and CTOs didn't fare as well.

Slightly more than 60% of our respondents said their KM project was initiated by the CIO or CTO, while 25% cited the CEO. Business unit heads were cited by 7%, with CFOs and CKOs in last place, at 2%.

Acceptance levels among employees were noticeably higher when knowledge management initiatives were championed by the CIO or CEO. When one of these top executives is seen as the one initiating a KM project, at least three fourths of respondents cited employees as being somewhat or extremely positive.

Who's bringing the average down? Chief technology officers, who received somewhat positive or very positive ratings from only 52% of respondents. And although they're very unlikely to lead on project kickoffs, business-unit heads came in with somewhat or extremely positive ratings 64% of the time.

This article was originally published on 11-01-2001
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