Conclusion 02

Conclusion 02: Components

There are no clear winners in the KM component popularity poll. Project management, intranet infrastructure and Internet infrastructure are the most regularly cited technologies to have already been implemented or are in the process of being installed, but each was only cited by slightly more than 60% of respondents. Collaboration tools and groupware, Web publishing, and portal technologies aren't far behind.

The least popular components were decision and predictive modeling, implemented or being implemented among less than one third of respondents, and metadata cataloging, at 36%.

One example of the potential fuzziness of the category is "collaboration tools and groupware," which was mentioned 54% of the time. While a widely used term, it can apply to technologies ranging from Lotus Notes to complex workgroup process products, allowing some companies to simply "grandfather" their existing e-mail infrastructure into the mix.

The most surrprising report was the comparative popularity of instant messaging, with 52% saying they already have instant messaging support in place or are installing it. This seems far greater than many might think, given how minimally IM is supported in most enterprises today. That's a strong message to other companies to begin evaluating IM as a valuable layer between e-mail and voice communications.

This article was originally published on 11-01-2001
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