Conclusion 03

Conclusion 03: Selection and Support

When it comes to decision-making about the selection, purchase and support of mobile devices, managers are clearly in the driver's seat. Only rarely do individual employees have much to say about the devices they use. Companies normally pick up the tab for monthly access fees.

Organizations are most likely to control the selection of Windows (91%), Apple (74%) and Unix laptops (83%). Pagers are also likely candidates for selection by the organization, at 81%. Users are most likely to choose their own Palm OS and Windows CE handheld devices—44% and 41%, respectively—as well as voice-only cell phones, 39% of the time.

Organizations are very likely to pay any monthly charges associated with mobile applications—65% to 86% of the time, depending on the platform. They are even more likely to cover support costs, ranging from 75% for "other" computing handhelds, to 97% for Windows laptops.

Spending mobile initiatives is projected to remain relatively static. Seventy-two percent spent less than $500,000 on mobile offerings in the past 12 months, and 74% say they'll do the same in the next 12. Two thirds of smaller companies say they spent less than $100,000, while only one quarter of larger organizations spent that little.

This article was originally published on 01-01-2002
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