Conclusion 04

Conclusion 04: Customer Mobile Services

Customer mobility offerings, used by 38% of respondents, are typically used to gain access to basic data, such as news or customer information. Windows laptops and handheld devices are popular, as are Internet-enabled mobile phones.

The most popular mobile customer service offerings were remote access to account or customer-specific information (69%) and mobile applications that meet industry-specific needs (42%). The least common are services to help customers shop while in stores, offered by only 11%, and pushing ads and/or product data to customers, at 17%.

When it comes to remote wireless access, 54% support Palm OS handhelds and Internet-enabled mobile phones, while 53% support Windows laptops. This support can range from designing Web sites that simply enable customers to quickly download information to developing software for a specific device. Larger companies were more likely than their smaller counterparts to support remote wireless services such as pagers (58% vs. 32%) and mobile e-mail devices (53% vs. 39%).

This article was originally published on 01-01-2002
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