Conclusion 01

Conclusion 01

The survey's findings show that more and more often, CIOs are looking to outsourcing partners for more than back-room operational management and building network plumbing.

Customer-facing and revenue-producing applications are increasingly likely to be outsourced, according to the respondents.

A number of outward-facing applications were cited by CIOs as being more likely to be outsourced this year than last year—and that's a significant response in research studies such as these, in which "plan to buy" responses for the coming year are almost always lower than the percentage of respondents who actually bought something in the prior year.

Among the likely candidates for increased outsourcing next year:

  • Business-to-business e-commerce, which was outsourced by 22 percent of CIO respondents last year but cited by 32 percent of the CIOs as a likely candidate this year. B2B e-commerce was the application cited most often by CIOs to be outsourced this year;
  • Customer relationship management, which increased from 22 percent last year to 30 percent this year;
  • Supply-chain management, up from 8 percent last year to 14 percent in 2001; and
  • Business-to-consumer e-commerce, which rose from 17 percent last year to an expected 22 percent this year.

Even human resources applications—arguably the single most sensitive internal application for most companies—could be outsourced more this year. Outsourced by 14 percent of the CIOs last year, HR applications were cited by 20 percent of CIOs as a potential outsourced application for this year.

This article was originally published on 05-01-2001
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