Conclusion 02

Conclusion 02

The most popular IT applications that have been deployed and managed during the past two years are customer-facing applications, and some types of projects are significantly more difficult to complete successfully than others. One anomaly: As notorious as some installations have become, ERP projects did surprisingly well.

E-commerce, corporate portals and customer-relationship management were the three most-often-deployed IT initiatives by CIOs during the past two years, at 65 percent, 59 percent and 53 percent of respondents, respectively. The least-often-deployed applications? Supply-chain management, cited by a mere 23 percent of respondents, and then wireless, with 38 percent.

Sales force automation projects were the most likely to be completed over budget—just one third of such projects avoided cost overruns. Distance learning was the project that was most likely to come in on budget, at 71 percent, and also the most likely to be done on time, at 64 percent. Meanwhile, just 40 percent of decision-support systems were completed on time.

This article was originally published on 09-01-2001
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