In retrospect, 2001 wasn't quite the train wreck for it that it could have been. Cutbacks weren't that far off from the cutbacks projected for 2001, and some important initiatives made it through relatively unscathed. 2002 is clearly going to be a better year—how could it not be? But CIOs remain cautious in most of their projections for budget growth. Perhaps most troubling, however, are concerns that the organization isn't spending enough on strategic initiatives. IT execs would do well to ensure that the non-IT CXOs watching the budget have the information they need to understand how specific IT initiatives are linked to supporting the direction the organization wants to go. Improving the budget process so that they are confident that their budget figures are accurate, and their investments are providing value, would also help CIOs win the spending increases they are seeking and expecting in 2003.

This article was originally published on 06-14-2002
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