Winners and Losers: Survey Shows Shifts in Customer Esteem

Consultants and telecoms have fared poorly in past surveys; so why are ratings for some of them rising so quickly, while Oracle, AT&T, Symantec and others drop in double-digit percentages?

In past surveys, consulting, outsourcing and telecom firms fared poorly. But this year, Accenture and Deloitte dramatically improved their scores, by 14.1 and 11.9 percentage points respectively, while two telecoms—BellSouth and Sprint Nextel—broke away from the telecom pack. Intuit suffered the biggest fall: Its overall rating dropped to 59.5 percent, causing its rank to free fall from 12th place among all vendors to 33rd. Oracle, AT&T and Symantec's rankings also dropped by double digits, following acquisitions.

This article was originally published on 12-15-2005
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