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IT Salaries: The Best Paid Get Better Paid

By Allan Alter  |  Posted 02-01-2008 Print

IT executives cashed in higher bonuses than their subordinates at the end of 2007.

If you are an IT executive, chances are you received a bigger raise than your staff at the end of 2007. IT executives received an average raise of 4.7% this year, while IT managers and professionals received 4 percent raises - a few tenths of a percent below the rate of inflation. (The consumer price index rose 4.3% in November 2007 from the previous year.) The gap is smallest at companies below $100 million.  


                                                                        less                         $1 

                                                                        than    $100 to    billion

AVERAGE RAISES                                         $100      $999         or

DECEMBER 2007                        total        million    million     more


IT executives (directors         4.7%        4.4%     5.0%      4.7%

and higher)  


Project managers                  4.0%        4.3%     4.0%      3.8%         


Other IT managers                 4.0%        4.1%     4.1%      3.9%

(supervisors and managers)   


Non-managerial technical       3.9%        4.1%     3.9%      3.7%



Source: Ziff Davis Enterprise , Dec. 2007 - Jan. 2008; base = 225




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