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Focus on the Business

By Jennifer Lawinski  |  Posted 01-12-2011 Print

Information security has become an increasingly important aspect of the job of CIO as concerns about corporate governance, regulatory compliance and risk assessment multiply in the enterprise. To give you the tools you need to get your company's business leaders on board with a rigorous information-security plan, the ISACA, the Information Security Forum (ISF) and (ISC)2 have worked together to assemble this list ofinformation security principles. Their recommendations are a how-to guide for security management in an era in which rapidly evolving threats require you to stay steps ahead of the bad guys. In addition, coordinated efforts between IT and business teams are necessary to make sure that regulatory compliance is in line and data remains secure. These principles can help you promote a culture of security in your enterprise. Making security a part of daily operations throughout the business can lead to smart behavior on the part of your end users and an increased awareness of the threats and risks that you and your team face every day. Leveraging these principles, you can add value to your organization while helping protect its vital information.


Connect with business leaders to make sure security is a part of business and risk management processes. This will keep information secure now and in the future.


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