How to Improve IT Value Measurement

How do you apply the right measures in the right way to get the insights you need to improve the value of your IT investments? Start with this four-step guide.

You've heard it before. The CFO asks "how do we know what value we're getting from IT?" The business line leader asks "How do I measure the value of IT to my P&L, not just help desk tickets closed?" The CEO asks "How do I know our IT spend is allocated to best support our objectives?"

Economic pressures are putting more emphasis than ever on the CIO's use of best practice in value measurement -- the right measures applied in the right way to get the right insights to improve value. Painfully, this came at the same time that a Center for CIO Leadership study entitled "Communicating Business Value" reported that only 51% of respondents agreed with the statement "I have developed business value indicators that link IT performance metrics and business goals."

This article was originally published on 02-10-2011
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