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The top 5 most-popular features of first-half 2010 have a heavy emphasis on the changing role of the CIO and the evolution of IT skills sets. The relationship between IT and business leaders continues to be fraught with tension, and you're looking for ways to deal with this. Also important: tying IT to revenue.
The most popular CIO Insight articles among your CIO peers so far this year illustrate some striking trends. Among them:
  • Top IT skill sets and how to get them
  • Revenue-driving technologies and other ways CIOs can be enterprise moneymakers
  • IT Vs. business -- a seemingly never-ending failure to communicate

Overall, these reader picks point to some notable trends you won't want to miss. For example, by 2015, workforce will be more tech savvy than ever. But this knowledge will be broad rather than deep. How you deal with this changing orientation could spell career success or failure. 

15 For 2015: Big Changes Ahead For IT - By 2015, the IT function will bear little resemblance to its current state. Find out why, and learn what you can do to survive this evolutionary process.

Refreshing your own skill set is a no-brainer, but in today's economy it's more important than ever. For example, the market value for C++ skills grew 50% in the last half of 2009. Demand is growing for SAP and enterprise application skills. See what other skill sets are hot.

Top 20 IT Skills -These are the bright spots in the IT jobs arena.

In terms of revenue drivers, there are 10 key technologies that can help the CIO. Chief among these are: service-oriented architecture, rich internet applications, and unified communications.

These 10 Technologies Can Drive Revenue - We asked more than 240 CIOs which new technologies they believe will boost revenue.

Diplomacy is a major issue in the never ending battles between IT and business leaders. Among the things that IT hates are: being left out of the loop on major business plans; fickle-minded business leaders who are constantly changing direction; and a disregard for ROI.

Why Can't We All Just Get Along? - These "eight hates" illuminate the reasons behind the sometimes testy relationship between the IT side and the business side of the enterprise. Where do you fit in?

When it comes to figuring out what the most important IT roles are, do keep in mind that your ability to demystify the measurement and impact of your IT investments will be a major bonus. The ability to reassure your organization that the systems you've put in place will survive natural and manmade disasters is more important than ever in light of recent events that have put business continuity plans to the test.

Lucky 13 - The Most Important IT Roles - The age of IT specialization is dead, replaced by an emphasis on skills that can translate across the enterprise. 


This article was originally published on 06-29-2010
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