Recognition, Profit Center

6. Recognition

IT professionals are rarely recognized for the good they do.

"Typically, IT staff is only noticed when something goes wrong, which contributes heavily [to] job dissatisfaction and burnout," says Joe Brockmeier, editor-in-chief of Linux Magazine.

But when desktops are connecting to the Web, when printers aren't on the fritz and when no passwords need to be reset, IT workers rarely hear from the rest of their colleagues or bosses. Everybody loves a pat on the back; IT managers should find ways to applaud staff work, both for small victories and major accomplishments.

7. Treat IT as a Profit Center

One of the biggest ways that IT professionals can feel undermined at work is when their organizations treat their departments as if they are cost centers rather than profit centers.

"A lot of organizations seem to be reluctant to spend money on IT [staff and equipment] with the same enthusiasm and vigor that they put into, say, advertising," Brockmeier said.

An effective IT infrastructure contributes positively to a company's bottom line, even if it's a bit more difficult to draw a straight line between IT and profit.

This article was originally published on 11-30-2007
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