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10 Tips for Recruiting and Retaining IT Pros

By Katherine Spencer Lee  |  Posted 04-10-2008 Print

With an economic crunch compounding the existing shortage of qualified IT workers, businesses need a solid recruitment and retention plan. Here’s how to get started.


In a recent survey, 24 percent of CIOs polled by Robert Half Technology said finding skilled IT professionals is their greatest management challenge. Despite the economic downturn in some sectors, competition for the most skilled IT professionals--those with the right mix of practical experience and skills in the hottest IT segments--is still tight.

In another survey by Robert Half Technology, CIOs said it takes an average of 56 days to fill staff-level positions and 87 days to bring new managers on board. That's a long time to wait, with greater chance of project delays, frustrated end-users and lower employee morale.

In order to locate the IT staff members needed to keep projects on time and on budget, savvy companies are devoting greater resources and ingenuity to their recruitment and retention efforts.

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