Does Your Staff Consider You a Boss or a Buddy?

Does Your Staff Consider You a Boss or a Buddy?

Does Your Staff Consider You a Boss or a Buddy?Does Your Staff Consider You a Boss or a Buddy?

For CIOs and other managers, it’s all about balance when developing top-down friendships in the workplace—and here’s what some workers think of their bosses.

Aligned AssociationAligned Association

74% of surveyed employees describe their relationship with their boss as “excellent” or “good.”

Open DialogueOpen Dialogue

80% feel comfortable being honest with their boss about critical workplace issues, and 79% said their boss is completely honest with them when discussing these topics.

Professional LimitationsProfessional Limitations

51% do not consider their boss as a friend—despite the solid standing of the relationship. More than two out of five said the relationship is exclusively professional.

Schmooze SessionSchmooze Session

82% socialize with their boss during work hours or at company-related events.


Only 46% hang out with their boss outside of the office.

Social StigmaSocial Stigma

Just 18% are connected with their boss via their personal social media channels.

Advantageous Arrangement, Part IAdvantageous Arrangement, Part I

60% believe that employees who are friends with their boss receive special treatment in the workplace.

Advantageous Arrangement, Part IIAdvantageous Arrangement, Part II

56% believe that colleagues who are close to the boss receive more frequent personal attention, and 52% said these co-workers benefit by having greater schedule flexibility.

Gender Divide: Friendly AssessmentGender Divide: Friendly Assessment

53% of men consider their boss a friend, compared to 45% of women who do.

Gender Divide: Happy HourGender Divide: Happy Hour

50% of men will socialize with their boss outside the office, while just 43% of women will.

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