Fatigue Cited as Cause of Many Workplace Mistakes

Fatigue Cited as Cause of Many Workplace Mistakes

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48% of surveyed U.S. professionals are distracted by fatigue at work.

Error ProneError Prone

66% of those who are distracted by fatigue said this has caused them to make mistakes at work.

Primary ConcernPrimary Concern

When ranked as a workplace distraction, fatigue surpasses more commonly mentioned factors such as personal communications (cited by 35% of professionals) and social media (19%).

Fatigue Fallout: Critical SlipFatigue Fallout: Critical Slip

41% of respondents said fatigue has caused them to forget items they’ve needed to do their jobs.

Fatigue Fallout: Senior MomentFatigue Fallout: Senior Moment

24% said fatigue has caused them to address a colleague or client by the wrong name.

Fatigue Fallout: Wardrobe MalfunctionFatigue Fallout: Wardrobe Malfunction

23% admit that they’ve walked around the workplace with an unbuttoned top or mismatched shoes because they were so tired.

Fatigue Fallout: MIAFatigue Fallout: MIA

21% said fatigue has caused them to miss a meeting.

Fatigue Fallout: Extension RequestFatigue Fallout: Extension Request

16% said they’ve missed a deadline due to exhaustion.

Most Popular Ways to Boost Energy While at WorkMost Popular Ways to Boost Energy While at Work

Caffeine: 66%, Taking a walk: 39%, Listening to music: 37%

Gender Breakdown, Part IGender Breakdown, Part I

53% of women said they’re distracted by fatigue while at work, compared to just 44% of men.

Gender Breakdown, Part IIGender Breakdown, Part II

56% of women said they depend on caffeine to survive the workday, as opposed to 42% of men.

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
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