How Generations Approach the Workplace Differently

How Generations Approach the Workplace Differently

New Rules?New Rules?

33% of surveyed Millennials think it is acceptable to text during a job interview. Moreover, 30% believe it’s acceptable to arrive for a job interview late by five minutes or more.

Loyalty Matters?Loyalty Matters?

One-quarter of Millennials believe that working at a job for as little as seven months indicates that they are a loyal employee. By contrast, Baby Boomers put the figure at five years.

Quitting TimeQuitting Time

45% of Millennials would quit a job if they didn’t see a career path they wanted at the company. 34% would quit a job on the spot if their employer asked them to delete their Facebook page.

Seeking Hire GroundSeeking Hire Ground

47% more Millennials than non-Millennials found their current positions through an online job search. Yet, only 9% of respondents of all generations found their jobs through newspaper classified ads.

Mobile MattersMobile Matters

43% of Millennials think that they should be able to apply for a job on a tablet, and 39% expect to be able to apply for a job on a smartphone.

Attention DeficitsAttention Deficits

The study found that almost 40% of all applicants are not willing to spend a full minute reviewing a job description online.

Feedback LoopsFeedback Loops

42% of Millennials want feedback every week. This is over twice the percentage of every other generation.

Focus on LoyaltyFocus on Loyalty

33% of employees of all ages knew whether they would stay at their company long-term after being on the job for one week or less. That number skyrockets to 63% within the first month.

Making Work PayMaking Work Pay

Compensation still matters but 58% of working Americans claim that their coworkers are more productive at work when they’re happy.

Focus on TransparencyFocus on Transparency

73% percent of all employees want to know why they were hired over other candidates. 32% of all employees want to see and understand the progress they’ve made toward goals set by their manager.


Rethink recruiting by adding an “interesting, fun or unexpected sentence or paragraph” at the beginning of a job posting. Show off the company culture and reputation, including through the use of videos that appear real rather than fake.


Boost communication and dialog, including both frequency and feedback. Rather than a 15 or 20 minute meeting every month or two, consider using 30 second quick hit engagements that incorporate IMs.


Use a “New Hire Fast Five” approach that includes a five-day launch period with welcome e-mails, text messages and other social engagement. Include a company tour with someone of his or her own age and gender.


Offer immediate performance feedback, including visual metrics on a screen. Lay out a clear and identifiable plan for career development and advancement.

Samuel Greengard
Samuel Greengard
Samuel Greengard writes about business, technology and other topics. His book, The Internet of Things (MIT Press) was released in the spring of 2015.

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