How Office Romances Can Disrupt Work

How Office Romances Can Disrupt Work

How Office Romances Can Disrupt WorkHow Office Romances Can Disrupt Work

Love happens, but when a romance is kindled in the office, things can quickly take a turn for the worse, according to a new survey.

Romantic SettingRomantic Setting

37% of employees have dated a co-worker.

Wedding BellsWedding Bells

33% of those who have dated a co-worker have ended up marrying their colleague.

Dating UpDating Up

23% of those who have had an office romance dated someone who held a higher position than them.


33% of employees who dated a colleague have tried to keep the relationship a secret at work.

Most Likely Places/Times When Office Romances BeginMost Likely Places/Times When Office Romances Begin

Late at night on the job: 12%, Happy hour after work: 10%, Chance meeting outside work: 10%, Lunches: 9%

Dump FileDump File

5% of workers who have dated colleagues have had to leave a job because of an office relationship gone sour.

Muddled MessageMuddled Message

45% of employees overall don’t know whether their company has a dating policy in place.

Status UpdateStatus Update

65% say they’re confident that they know the relationship status of everyone in their office.

Connection CriteriaConnection Criteria

22% of employees overall say the occupation of a person influences whether they’d date them.

Just Friends!Just Friends!

8% say they have a platonic “office spouse.”

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