IT Pros Dominate March Madness

IT Pros Dominate March Madness

Gaming InterestGaming Interest

15% of surveyed U.S. workers plan to participate in an NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament office pool this year, up from 11% in 2014.

No. 1 SeedNo. 1 Seed

40% of IT workers surveyed have participated in a March Madness office pool, the highest of any other professional category.

Senior LeadershipSenior Leadership

27% of top managers–such as C-level execs, VPs and directors–have taken part in a tourney office pool, compared to 19% of entry-level, administrative, professional staff and technical employees.

Money ShotMoney Shot

31% of employees making $75,000 or more annually have participated in a March Madness pool, compared to just 18% of those making less.

Regional PreviewRegional Preview

26% of employees in the Midwest have taken part in these pools–tops in the country–followed by the Northeast (23%), South (18%) and West (17%).

Strange Office Pools: Religious CallingStrange Office Pools: Religious Calling

One office’s employees bet on who’d become the next pope.

Strange Office Pools: Love HurtsStrange Office Pools: Love Hurts

Workers from another company ran a pool to predict when a colleague’s current romantic relationship would end.

Strange Office Pools: Biology QuizStrange Office Pools: Biology Quiz

A group of employees guessed the number of protein coding genes in the human genome.

Strange Office Pools: Foul CallStrange Office Pools: Foul Call

Staffers created Bingo cards made up of common complaints made by colleagues.

Strange Office Pools: Game OverStrange Office Pools: Game Over

Another group of workers ran a pool to predict who’d be the next co-worker to quit.

Dennis McCafferty
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