Nine Unusual Interview Gestures

Interview Gestures

1-This One Worked: RSVP RequiredThis One Worked: RSVP Required

A young lady crafted her cover letter to resemble a wedding-type invitation, “inviting” the company to hire her.

2-This One Worked: Chivalry Rules!This One Worked: Chivalry Rules!

Another volunteered to help out making copies when he saw the interviewer’s assistant becoming frazzled with the task.

3-This One Worked: The Right NoteThis One Worked: The Right Note

A prospect performed a musical number on the guitar about why he was the best candidate.

4-This One Worked: Handy ManThis One Worked: Handy Man

A candidate repaired a piece of the company’s equipment during the interview.

5-This One Didn't: Meal PlanThis One Didn’t: Meal Plan

Another sent the interviewer some beef stew with a note saying, “Eat hearty and hire me.”

6-This One Didn't: On the ClockThis One Didn’t: On the Clock

A candidate place a timer on the interviewer’s desk, started it and said he’d explain in three minutes why he was perfect.

7-This One Didn't: Big GambleThis One Didn’t: Big Gamble

A prospect sent an interviewer a lottery ticket.

8-This One Didn't: Bright IdeaThis One Didn’t: Bright Idea

A candidate wore a florescent suit to the interview.

9-This One Didn't: Dubious FeatThis One Didn’t: Dubious Feat

A prospect sent in a shoe to “get a foot in the door.”

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty is a contributor to CIO Insight. He covers topics such as IT leadership, IT strategy, collaboration, and IT for businesses.

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