Telltale Signs of a Terrible Resume

Telltale Signs of a Terrible Resume

Telltale Signs of a Terrible ResumeTelltale Signs of a Terrible Resume

From outright lies to blatant typos, these resumes represent some all-time resume blunders.


77% of survey respondents said they’ve found a lie in a resume.

Quick ReadQuick Read

43% said they spend less than a minute looking at a resume, and 24% spend no more than 30 seconds doing so.

Resume Boosters: Tailor-MadeResume Boosters: Tailor-Made

63% said they’ll pay more attention to a resume if it is customized to an open position.

Resume Boosters: Talent TallyResume Boosters: Talent Tally

41% said they pay more attention if skills sets are listed first.

Resume Boosters: Introduction OpportunityResume Boosters: Introduction Opportunity

40% said they pay more attention if a cover letter is included.

Major Mistakes: Spell CheckMajor Mistakes: Spell Check

An applicant wrote that he had great attention to detail—while misspelling the word, “attention.”

Major Mistakes: Convict CandidateMajor Mistakes: Convict Candidate

An applicant claimed he worked at a federal prison, but a background check indicated he was actually incarcerated at one.

Major Mistakes: Fairy TaleMajor Mistakes: Fairy Tale

An applicant stated he had been a prince in a past life.

Major Mistakes: In a Galaxy Far, Far Away …Major Mistakes: In a Galaxy Far, Far Away …

An applicant quoted Star Wars in his resume.

Major Mistakes: Major MotivationMajor Mistakes: Major Motivation

An applicant said he would work harder – if he got paid more.

Major Mistakes: Nicotine FixMajor Mistakes: Nicotine Fix

An applicant listed “smoking” under the category of “hobbies.”

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
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