Ten Job Interview Deal Killers

Ten Job Interview Deal Killers

Showing Up LateShowing Up Late

If you’re not early for a job interview, you’re late, right? Even arriving just a couple minutes past the designated time raises a big red flag about punctuality.

Not Bringing Requested MaterialsNot Bringing Requested Materials

If you asked for references and the interviewee comes up empty, for example, then you have to wonder about credibility.

Complaining About a Past (or Current) EmployerComplaining About a Past (or Current) Employer

It’s fine to discuss work-based challenges, to demonstrate how they were addressed and overcome. But badmouthing a past or current employer is a sign of a bad attitude.

Arriving UnpreparedArriving Unprepared

Find out how much an interviewee knows about your company–such as its core businesses, competitors and overall mission. If you get a blank stare, it could speak to apathy or a lack of initiative.

Pulling Out a PhonePulling Out a Phone

If candidates can’t pay undivided attention to the interview while it’s happening, what makes you think they’ll focus on IT projects when on the job?

Emphasizing Job Titles Held–Not AccomplishmentsEmphasizing Job Titles Held–Not Accomplishments

Potential recruits should be able to describe what they contributed of actual value within a role, and address how they solved problems.

Not Asking QuestionsNot Asking Questions

If candidates literally have no questions about working for your IT department, it’s safe to conclude that they’re simply looking to land a job–any job–as opposed to building a career.

Dressing too CasuallyDressing too Casually

Even if T-shirts and jeans are the norm for your IT department, a prospect should dress in business-appropriate attire.

Asking About Salary Right AwayAsking About Salary Right Away

You want employees who are driven by the value of the work itself, not money.

Not Following UpNot Following Up

Did you get a personalized thank you email after the interview? If not, you’ll want to avoid bringing on a thoughtless, over-entitled hire.

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty is a contributor to CIO Insight. He covers topics such as IT leadership, IT strategy, collaboration, and IT for businesses.

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