Why Some IT Pros Are Terrible at Networking

Why Some IT Pros Are Terrible at Networking

Why Some IT Pros Are Terrible at NetworkingWhy Some IT Pros Are Terrible at Networking

A significant number of survey respondents said they’ve lost a job opportunity because they failed to use networking as a business tool.

Worthwhile EffortWorthwhile Effort

89% of professionals and job seekers believe networking is beneficial.

Top Benefits of NetworkingTop Benefits of Networking

Creating new job opportunities: 32%, Earning support from people with higher standings: 23%, Gaining new customers: 18%, Getting a raise: 14%

Inactive StatusInactive Status

53% of professionals and job seekers admit they do “very little” or no networking, despite the widespread awareness of the benefits.

Consequential DecisionConsequential Decision

27% of those who feel they don’t do enough networking have lost out on a job opportunity as a result.

Networking Barriers: Elusive OutletNetworking Barriers: Elusive Outlet

27% said they do not network more because the opportunities aren’t there.

Networking Barriers: Guidance GapNetworking Barriers: Guidance Gap

25% said they do not network more because they don’t know the best way to go about it.

Networking Barriers: Career ContentmentNetworking Barriers: Career Contentment

23% don’t network more because they’re already in a good place in their career.

Networking Barriers: Booked CalendarNetworking Barriers: Booked Calendar

16% said they can’t coordinate networking into their schedule, and the same percentage feels that it takes too much time.

Most Common Ways to Pursue NetworkingMost Common Ways to Pursue Networking

Social media: 50%, Work training: 33%, Business lunches: 23%, Community events: 20%, Conventions/trade shows: 19%

Networking Best Practices: Be GenerousNetworking Best Practices: Be Generous

Always think about what you can offer to those within your networks to elevate your perceived value.

Networking Best Practices: Convey AuthenticityNetworking Best Practices: Convey Authenticity

When networking enables people to know each other on a personal level, it makes the process more rewarding than daunting.

Networking Best Practices: Honor Your CommitmentsNetworking Best Practices: Honor Your Commitments

Deliver upon any promises you make within your network. Keeping your word speaks volumes about your integrity and professional worth.

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty is a contributor to CIO Insight. He covers topics such as IT leadership, IT strategy, collaboration, and IT for businesses.

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