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    Companies Must Get Ready for Gen Z Workers

    As Generation Z enters the workforce, its work priorities will differ substantially from its predecessors, the Millennials. The workforce shifted dramatically to accommodate Millennials, also called Generation Y, (born 1977-1994), who more

    How IT Can Get the Most Out of Big Data

    The majority of companies worldwide view big data as a strategic—even game-changing—technology development, and they're looking for new ways to maximize the value of those efforts, according to a recent survey from AtScale. The more

    How to Cut Costs When Migrating to the Cloud

    A statistical analysis of operating system instances—the creation of objects each time a program runs—offers insights into the economics behind cloud migration. The fine-grained, algorithmic analysis attempts to more

    Cyber-Criminals Found a Home on Social Media Sites

    The number of members in fraud-related groups on social media platforms has increased 70 percent in the past six months, according to a new study. It states that social media is a breeding ground for cyber-crime and is attracting fraudsters more

    10 Must-Have Professional Skills for CIOs

    CIOs face a great many challenges these days: They're under constant pressure to deliver greater innovation, even if they're not getting more funding to do so. They need to justify tech investments by clearly forecasting their quantifiable more

    Why Business Needs Machine Data Analytics

    Businesses must boost operational efficiencies enterprisewide if they want to keep up with rapid market and technology shifts. And many are investing in machine data analytics to do so, according to a recent survey from Logtrust and 451 more

    Concerns About Data Security Slow Cloud Adoption

    Security concerns about critical data, applications and systems in the cloud continue to deter faster adoption of cloud services, according to a new report. "Today, perceived security risks are the single biggest factor more

    N. American Businesses Suffered the Most Breaches

    North American businesses experienced the most data breaches in the world last year, according to a new study. In addition, data protection is the main concern of most businesses, and the greatest threat continues to be human error. Smartphones more

    How Enterprise Technology Affects the CEO's Vision

    In an era of swift, technology-enabled changes, CEOs believe it is critical to establish greater trust among stakeholders and customers, according to a recent survey from PwC. PwC's "20th CEO Survey" report reveals that more

    Security and Privacy Concerns Dog the Cloud

    Security and privacy of data and systems in the cloud remain a top worry for the majority of IT professionals worldwide, according to a new survey. Furthermore, unauthorized access, malware and DoS attacks are the top three cloud security concerns more

    Dealing With Unacceptable Excuses for Being Late

    Maybe the whole flex-work thing hasn't caught on after all. The majority of CIOs and other executives expect staffers to show up on the job on time every day, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder. A significant number of more

    How to Speed Up Software Release Rates

    CIOs and other IT decision-makers are committed to increasing the frequency of software releases. However, boosting the rate of these releases often leads to eventual failures, according to a recent survey from Appvance. The resulting more

    Companies Are Ill-Prepared for Cyber-Attacks

    A recent survey reveals that most organizations are not prepared for outsider attacks, data vulnerability, insider sabotage, user errors and phishing. It also explores security concerns when migrating to the cloud and reports that IT-decision-makers more

    10 Ways to Harness the Power of Data Analytics

    The digital universe—which incorporates the data we create, copy, distribute and store—is growing approximately 40 percent a year, and that growth rate is expected to continue into the next decade, as the internet of things ( more

    How Citizen Developers Improve App Delivery

    The most valuable developers of custom apps for your organization may not even work in the IT department. That's because the growing presence of employees and managers called "citizen developers" are creating custom apps in a very more

    How to Protect Your Business Against Cyber-Threats

    With well-funded hackers becoming even more technically astute, long-trusted cyber-security methods are no longer enough to protect an organization's intellectual property, business data, and private employee and customer information. Hackers more

    11 Cyber-Security Predictions for 2017

    A new forecast predicts that automated malware attacks will have a devastating effect on the internet of things (IoT). It also predicts the rise of the Shadownet (IoT botnets that can't be seen or measured using conventional tools), cloud poisoning, more more

    Why Businesses Are Investing in Content Analytics

    Content analytics is expected to be essential within five years, even though most organizations are just beginning to explore this developing technology, according to a recent survey from the Association for Information and Image more

    Disaster Recovery Plans and Testing Are Lacking

    Only 60 percent of the organizations surveyed have a documented disaster recovery plan in place, and just 40 percent of them test the plan annually, according to a new survey. Moreover, the majority of companies are dissatisfied more

    Why IT Security Will Remain a Top Priority in 2017

    A significant number of CIOs, along with other C-suite executives and managers, reported that their technology budget will see major increases this year, according to a recent survey from Mondo. The accompanying "2017 Tech Trends and Talent" more
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