Automation and the Modern CIO

Automation and the Modern CIO

Automation and the Modern CIOAutomation and the Modern CIO

By Karen A. Frenkel

Be DisruptiveBe Disruptive

The best way to predict the future is to shape it yourself. Embrace new technologies as early as possible to fully exploit their potential. Regard disruption as an opportunity rather than something to cope with.

Get BimodalGet Bimodal

Gartner outlines an imperative need for two distinct software engineering methodologies: the rigid, traditional waterfall approach and flexible DevOps. Too many CIOs merely oversee an ineffective combination of the two, but both are essential.

Practice DevOpsPractice DevOps

Lots of people are talking about it, but not many are doing it as intended. That it is trial and error, takes time and has no set roadmap makes it difficult to budget for. However, results are well worth the investment.

Get Closer to BusinessGet Closer to Business

The modern CIO belongs at the fulcrum of all business matters. Strong ties must be forged with other business leaders: the CFO, service desks or analysts. Be the first to know how you can help other business leaders and find new ways to innovate together.


Automating key business processes means they run faster, without risk of human error. Workload and application release can both be automated to ensure your IT department works and grows to its potential.

Exploit the CloudExploit the Cloud

While at first CIOs were wary of using the cloud for critical processes, its proven reliability means it can be trusted. Switching processes to the cloud frees up budget to focus on innovation.

Effectively Distill Big DataEffectively Distill Big Data

As the Internet of things gradually becomes a reality, the amount of data is growing rapidly. However, it means nothing if it is not interpreted effectively. Here lies a rare opportunity to define your own market.

Empower StaffEmpower Staff

Rather than quashing ambition by enforcing technical limitations, the CIO has the power to empower. Promoting the use of certain technology could enable staff to broaden their horizons while doing their job better and faster.

Prioritize SecurityPrioritize Security

Standards set by social sites mean consumers want access to everything, any time and from any device. This presents security issues that must be solved. Increased complexity must be matched by security solutions.

Embrace SocialEmbrace Social

CIOs should support their CMOs by supplying cutting-edge tools and apps to develop customer loyalty. CIOs also have a key role in choosing and measuring key performance indicators from social channels and in translating them into vital market insights.

Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel is a contributor to CIO Insight. She covers cybersecurity topics such as digital transformation, vulnerabilities, phishing, malware, and information governance.

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