Cloud Emerging as Best Option for BI

Cloud Emerging as Best Option for BI

1-Personal PreferencePersonal Preference

54% would choose a cloud-based BI solution for a new environment, compared to 14% who’d opt for on-premise.

2-Satisfaction EquationSatisfaction Equation

80% are satisfied with cloud BI, compared to 51% who are satisfied with on-premise.

3-Thinking ToolsThinking Tools

68% say neither cloud nor on-premise BI makes an impact on better decision making, compared to 27% who say cloud does and 5% who say on-premise does.

4-Need for SpeedNeed for Speed

83% say they can implement cloud BI faster, compared to 13% who say it makes no difference and 4% who say on-premise is faster.

5-Time WindowTime Window

69% of cloud initial implementations and deployments took less than three months, compared to 38% for on-premise.

6-Pace SetterPace Setter

70% of initial cloud BI implementations were completed on or ahead of schedule, compared to 56% for on-premise.

7-Within BudgetWithin Budget

68% of cloud BI implementations did not exceed anticipated costs, compared to 54% for on-premise.


59% say cloud BI is easier for business users to adapt, compared to 11% for on-premise, but 30% say it doesn’t matter.

9-Class in SessionClass in Session

51% say neither cloud nor on-premise BI require more training, although 44% say on-premise does and only 5% say cloud does.

10-Staffing UpStaffing Up

80% say on-premise BI results in needing more admins to support, compared to just 2% for cloud BI, while 18% say it makes no difference.

11-Favored ToolFavored Tool

51% say cloud BI has a greater percentage of employees who access it regularly, compared to 18% who say on-premise does, while 31% say it doesn’t matter.

12-Moving TargetMoving Target

68% say cloud BI offers better support for mobile devices, while 32% say it makes no difference. Literally no survey participants felt that on-premise is better for mobility.

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty is a contributor to CIO Insight. He covers topics such as IT leadership, IT strategy, collaboration, and IT for businesses.

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