Concerns About Data Security Slow Cloud Adoption

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1 - Concerns About Data Security Slow Cloud AdoptionConcerns About Data Security Slow Cloud Adoption

Organizations are moving to the cloud at an annual rate of 20 percent, but security concerns about critical data, applications and systems are slowing adoption.

2 - Levels of Concern About Cloud SecurityLevels of Concern About Cloud Security

• Very concerned: 56%

• Moderately concerned: 37%

• Slightly concerned: 5%

• Not at all concerned: 2%

3 - Concerns About Ransomware Hijacks of DataConcerns About Ransomware Hijacks of Data

• Very concerned: 44%

• Moderately concerned: 38%

• Slightly concerned: 15%

• Not at all concerned: 4%

4 - Biggest Cyber-Threats to the CloudBiggest Cyber-Threats to the Cloud

• Unauthorized access: 67%

• Data leakage/external sharing of data: 65%

• Denial of service attacks: 52%

• Insecure interfaces/APIs: 48%

• Posting confidential data by insiders: 33%

• Foreign state-sponsored cyber-attacks: 32%

• Abuse of cloud services: 32%

• Malware injection: 31%

5 - Biggest Security Confidence BuildersBiggest Security Confidence Builders

• Visibility, reporting, auditing and alerting of security events: 74%

• Effective mapping of security controls for internally hosted apps: 51%

• Consistent security policies and enforcement: 48%

6 - Most Effective Data Protection MethodsMost Effective Data Protection Methods

• Data encryption: 78%

• Traffic encryption and VPN: 60%

• Access control and user authorization: 56%

• Network monitoring, reporting and forensics: 53%

• Intrusion prevention systems: 44%

7 - Attack on Major Cloud Provider Is ExpectedAttack on Major Cloud Provider Is Expected

An attack to disrupt or take down a major cloud provider that will affect all of their customers’ businesses is expected in 2017.

8 - Ransomware Attacks the CloudRansomware Attacks the Cloud

Ransomware attacks will find their way into cloud infrastructures through encrypted files that spread cloud to cloud, or by hackers that use the cloud as a volume multiplier

9 - Why Cloud-Based Data Centers Are Ransomware Targets, Part IWhy Cloud-Based Data Centers Are Ransomware Targets, Part I

Data centers hold the most sensitive, lucrative information.

Financially motivated cyber-criminals operate successfully in the wild by constantly seeking new targets.

Traditional security protections don’t fit the dynamic nature of cloud-based data centers, so advanced security often isn’t deployed in the cloud.

10 - Why Cloud-Based Data Centers Are Ransomware Targets, Part IIWhy Cloud-Based Data Centers Are Ransomware Targets, Part II

Shared responsibility in the public cloud provides a false sense of security to customers, making their cloud environments vulnerable.

The rise of ransomware advanced persistent threats to target cloud-based data centers will become a significant risk as data centers shift to the cloud.

Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel is a contributor to CIO Insight. She covers cybersecurity topics such as digital transformation, vulnerabilities, phishing, malware, and information governance.

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