How the Cloud Has Made an Indelible Impact on IT

How the Cloud Has Made an Indelible Impact on IT

How the Cloud Has Made an Indelible Impact on ITHow the Cloud Has Made an Indelible Impact on IT

The cloud has helped organizations become more agile, but enterprises have often failed to think through security risks unique to the cloud.

Goodbye to Mundane TasksGoodbye to Mundane Tasks

50% of respondents say the most significant benefits IT administrators realize because of cloud applications include spending less time on mundane tasks like maintenance, configuration upgrades and backup. Cloud apps also increase their ability to work remotely.

Benefits of Cloud Apps to UsersBenefits of Cloud Apps to Users

Respondents say major benefits of cloud apps for users are improved technology and organizational factors, like automatic synchronization of data among multiple devices which are likely to make individuals more productive.

More Benefits to UsersMore Benefits to Users

The next most commonly cited benefits include reduced reliance on email to share information, better user interfaces compared with legacy applications, better search capabilities and more ability to customize.

Cloud Office SolutionsCloud Office Solutions

Asked how well their cloud office solutions meet the needs of their workforce, 95% of respondents say Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps fit their workforce needs either very well or well.

Solutions Deemed EffectiveSolutions Deemed Effective

Of survey respondents who use Google and Microsoft, 44% of Google users say the solutions suit their workforce very well as did 39% percent of Microsoft Office. Only 1% of Google users and 6% of Microsoft users pointed to poor suitability.

Reduction in EffortReduction in Effort

Respondents were asked to rate the level of effort associated with IT administrative tasks before they implemented cloud solutions and how that changed after they adopted cloud solutions. 54% reported less effort for storage, quota management, and data recovery.

Pain Points When Moving to the CloudPain Points When Moving to the Cloud

Security remains a top challenge, with 51% of respondents listing it among the top three. 30% name service quality and 27% name integration with business systems/processes.

Security as Pain Point for Microsoft and Google UsersSecurity as Pain Point for Microsoft and Google Users

57% of respondents who are Microsoft Office 365 users cite security is a top pain point, compared to 37% of Google Apps users.

Cloud Adoption Means Ceding Some ControlCloud Adoption Means Ceding Some Control

Many organizations have neither considered the security risks unique to the cloud, nor the amount of control and visibility relinquished. “Therein lies the core challenge with SaaS,” the report says.

Cloud Applications and Learning New SkillsCloud Applications and Learning New Skills

60% of respondents say cloud service types, deployment models, vendors and available solutions are the skills and awarenesses they have learned or developed since their organization adopted cloud applications.

Impact on Individuals' WorklifeImpact on Individuals’ Worklife

67% of respondents say they get things done faster, 52% say they satisfy end-user needs better, and 41% say they feel more motivated and engaged. Only 22% say their day-to-day work life is more or less the same as before their company adopted cloud applications.

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