Losing Control of Public Cloud Performance

Losing Control of Public Cloud Performance

Losing Control of Public Cloud PerformanceLosing Control of Public Cloud Performance

A lack of visibility into public cloud infrastructure has IT pros concerned that they can’t guarantee the optimum performance of public cloud workloads.

Mass AppealMass Appeal

62% of surveyed global IT pros said their organization is using at least one form of the public cloud, and 83% expect their company’s adoption of the public cloud to increase in the next 12 months.

Most Popular Public Cloud ProvidersMost Popular Public Cloud Providers

Amazon Web Services: 58%, Microsoft Azure: 43%, Google Cloud: 13%


45% of IT pros say a lack of clear benefits presents a major barrier in the adoption of the public cloud, and the same percentage cite a lack of knowledge with regard to implementing public cloud adoption.

Unchecked ProcessUnchecked Process

46% say they do not—or don’t know how to—proactively monitor their public cloud workloads.

Out of SightOut of Sight

82% say they cannot ensure the optimum performance, health and availability of public cloud workloads due to a lack of advanced visibility into the public cloud infrastructure.

Out of ReachOut of Reach

65% feel that IT suffers from a lack of control over the infrastructure of public cloud environments.

Big BillBig Bill

50% say their organization has experienced at least one network outage in the last 12 months, with companies losing an average of about $3.9 million a year due to these outages.

Leading Causes of OutagesLeading Causes of Outages

Network device failures: 26%, Circuit failures: 24%, Network configuration errors: 18%

Empowered UsersEmpowered Users

75% of tech pros admit that shadow IT and cloud sprawl exists within their organizations, regardless of how tech teams feel about this.

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
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